Hokes Bluff High School

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   Hokes Bluff, Alabama 35903 

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Our Reunion Coordinator - Shirley Jenkins Hardin

 ReunionOct9-04 012s.jpg (176594 bytes) ReunionOct9-04 011s.jpg (171703 bytes) These 4 couples meet at the Top of the River Oct 9th, 2004 just to eat.


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Special Recognition

The Class of 1964 staff is to be complimented for the outstanding job they did on 1964 yearbook.  After viewing about 45 yearbooks at HBHS, the quality of presentation, clarity of photographs, supporting information, sports records, and balance of all activities and events far exceed that of other yearbooks.  Your accomplishments set the standard for future yearbooks with quality, content and cover. Great Job. Recognition is past due - our hats are off to you.

Editors Wayne McMahan, Pat Gregory
Feature Editors Laura Sandifer, Bonnie Morris
Sports Editors Benny Miller, Peggy Gazaway
Snapshot Editors Jerry Bailey, Shirley Jenkins
Club Editors Nelda Pike, Nancy Barker
Advertising Editors Penny Penrod, Barbara Taylor
Typists Sherry Alford, Nona Kidd
Sponsor Sarah Massey


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